Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10 things meme from Little Nut

10 things I thought today….

1.6am is a bed time not a getting up time

2. will this small boy ever be able to find his own shoes?

3. bugger, no bread in the fridge, again

4. This car has good brakes, what I thought when a 10 year old (maybe) cycled in front of me without looking, pulled a u turn and waited on the side of the road glaring at me whilst the (maybe) 6 year old she was with caught up.
5. This is hard, I have a crap memory, oh yeah, I hate cutting up pumpkins (6.30 am)

6. Ow, I have peeled my thumb

7. I have a fab neighbour who is loading his trailer with most of a tree from my garden. He does this many times a week and chops logs too.

8. I still hate peeling pumpkins (8.30 am)

9. Hmmm this smells good (pumpkin soup)

10. I love living here (Australia)

ps the soup was delish

1 comment:

Little Nut Tree said...

yours were funny! I like pum-kin soup too... save any???????

No?!!? What d'ya mean no!