Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another meme from Little Nut

1. Where is your mobile phone?
In my pocket, otherwise I don’t hear it
2. Your significant other?
Is significant, yes
3. Your hair?
Is dark blonde, shortish, needs a cut
4. Your skin?
Not as tanned as it was
5. Your mother?
Is fab, yes, she reads the blog :o)
6. Your favourite thing?
Um, are dh and the kids a thing?
7. Your dream last night?
Yeah like I’m going to tell you!
8. Your favourite drink?
The one in my hand
9. Your dream / goal?
I’m there, right now
10. The room you’re in?
The living room…surrounded by boxes yet to be unpacked
11. Your ex?
Too long ago to be worth a mention
12. Your fear?
Too many to list
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Here, but on a more comfy chair
14. Where were you last night?
Sleeping, or working depending on whether you mean my night or yours ;o).
15. What you’re not?
A brain surgeon, an astronaut
16. Muffins?
Homemade blueberry or chocolate (the banana ones were not so good)
17. One of your wish list items?
A rich relative to pay for Greers wedding!!
18. Where did you grow up?
Who says I grew up? Oh, ok, Maldon, Essex
19. The last thing you did?
Checked on the soup
20. What are you wearing?
Black trousers, work polo from the pub, Pirates of the Caribbean jacket from Disney in Florida (see not grown up at all) and sunglasses (snigger at chilly Greer)
21. Your TV? Did not enjoy the journey overseas and has gone a bit green
22. Your pet(s)?
Sadly in England but doing well
23. Your computer?
I am on a sony vaio at the mo, other half has the laptop
24. Your life? Is mine, yes
25. Your mood? Several
26. Missing someone?
Nope, they are all where they should be
27. Your car?
28. Something you’re not?
Is this a trick question?
29. Favourite store?
Not really a shopper at the mo, but have spent a fortune in Harvey Norman, mostly coz we like the dodgy jingle on the local radio
30. Your summer?
Heading to winter now, the summer was all move, buy house, buy a business kinda stuff
31. Like someone?
Like lots of people
32. Your favourite colour?
Depends on my mood (see 25)
33. Last time you laughed?
34. Last time you cried?
Last time I needed to.

Cheers Greer

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Little Nut Tree said...

oh yes !! If you could find a rich person to pay for my wedding that would be fab!

Let me know.. yeah?