Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The ring of Scone

Tuesday 6th May 2008
Tuesday seems to be a busy day in Busselton Boulevard and the Scones were flying out, before long we were running out and Fliss volunteered to make some more. Fliss has been telling us for days that she makes the best Scones ever, so we let her get on with it.
There was nothing too remarkable about this chain of events until, having moulded them and placed them on the Baking trays ready to be cooked, she announced to the world and anybody else that was listening that “I’ve got Scone stuck in my Ring”. This caused everybody in the kitchen and surrounding area to collapse in a fit of hysterics, Carolyn had tears streaming down her face while everybody else in the kitchen was passing the sort of comments that one would feel obliged to pass on this sort of occasion.
Fair play to her, the scones that had been on the baking trays came out well, but we all avoided asking her what the other one was like and there were no offers to do a taste test.
The staff in the Café are brilliant, they are young and not in the habit of having to think about what they say before they say it, so remarks like that are coming out all the time which keeps a smile on everyones face and makes for a happy working environment.
In the evening Fliss babysat while we went to a P&C (parents and caregivers) meeting where Carolyn was in fine form when it came to ideas for saving money and fundraising. At the moment there is a need for a wall to be built round a childs play area and sandpit and the preferred brick for the job is made out of limestone, we don’t know why, only that it is. The Bricks are being supplied at below half price and a Parent is going to build it for love but it is still going to cost $2.500 Dollars which doesn’t sound like a great deal, but this is a poor school that is not that well funded by Government or Parents so the money is hard to come by.
Carolyn came up with the idea that businesses should be approached with the view of sponsoring a brick or many bricks, in return they would get a small plaque with the company name or logo on advertising the fact that they have made a donation. This went down really well but the committee decided that they would try to get the money from families of children at the school instead, using the same system of identifying who the schools benefactors are.
We hope this works, but don’t hold out much hope, when most of the parents in the school won’t even part with $40 Dollars a year to help towards educating their children, there is not much chance of getting $15 Dollars for one brick out of them.
If anyone out there does feel the urge to buy a brick for $15 Dollars, apparently they are very nice bricks and worth every penny Cent, please ask for details.

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