Monday, May 5, 2008

Miss Steaks

Monday 5th May 2008
Thank you John and Martina for Marisas Birthday Greetings, she was pleased as punch to read it, we’re glad you found us, are pleased you enjoy all the waffle and would love to see you if you ever get over here. If it’s any consolation to you John, Ian is still hoping Wigan can turn over Man U and do you a favour, but he isn’t holding out much hope and won’t be having a flutter on it. Just beat them in the Champions League or we’ll never hear the end of it.
Today was another Monday, this work lark is becoming a routine that is getting easier as it goes on. Ian was in the Café for about 7am as usual but because staff have so many perks in this country, and all the usual Monday morning delivery drivers were making the most of these perks, all of our deliveries arrived later than normal, so we could have had an extra ½ hour in bed.
We were busier this week than last and we are getting good feedback, the staff appear to like us or at least like our money, because they all turned up again today and performed admirably.
Ian has been winding the more gullible staff up, he told them that the steak that he had just cooked was a mistake, when asked why, he told them it was because it was from a female cow so it had to be a miss steak. The discussion then went on to how you can tell the difference between a female cow and a male cow, after about 5 minutes one of the other staff gave the game away and spoilt his bit of fun.
Marisa had her Birthday Tea in the Café surrounded by boys, well one of the boys in her class and her two brothers, but at least it ensured that she would be centre of attention. She has loved all of her presents and not complained about anything, even bedtime, all day.
Fliss went flat hunting again today, she had an appointment to see a small two bedroom house at 3.45 and the way they do it over here is that they have an open house viewing for 15 minutes, then if you want to apply to rent it you have to fill out an application form which is then assessed along with the other applicants, before a decision as to who to offer it too is made. In the smaller end of the market there is a killing to be made over here because there is such a shortage of small letting units, there averages about 2 per week so the demand and the rents are high. If anyone out there is looking for a good place to invest for their pension you could do a lot worse than buy units to rent in Busselton, unfortunately we are only allowed to own one property until we gain residency otherwise we would have been in there already.
Fliss is going down with sleeping sickness, she went to bed at 7.15 tonight claiming exhaustion, while us hard working Brits (plastic aussies) managed to stay up till nearly 10 again tonight. These Queensland birds just can’t hack the pace of Boom Town Busselton.
Crocodile Keith from over the road is rapidly decimating our gardens, every time we come home another tree, or at least part of it is missing, next winter we should be able to get away without buying any fire wood at this rate. He is leaving all the native plants alone because they don’t need too much water, that is to say he is leaving most of the native plants alone, we think he feels obliged to take some lumps out of them just to remind them who’s boss.

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