Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rotting Seaweed

Sunday 4th May 2008
Ian woke up early, thanks more to his body clock than any honourable reason, Carolyn had a lie in as did Fliss. The boys had obviously been awake since the crack of dawn and Kristian was as grumpy as only Kristian knows how to be, while Marisa had a lie in but was still grumpy because she couldn’t have her Birthday presents a day early, the pair soon went to war with each other and had to be kept apart for a couple of hours. Fraser was just his usual cool self and kept out of the way.
We had lunch at about 1.30pm today, Carolyns Homemade Quiche (as sold in the Café) and Salad (also as sold in the Café). We haven’t seen Fliss all morning and are assuming she isn’t dead because it would put us off our lunch, if she is, we’ll let you know later but until then we’ll assume she’s only sleeping so as not to spoil the day.
Carolyn would like it to be known that in the Café this week we sold Five Quiches compared to an average of One per week when the previous owners were there, Ian thinks it has more to do with his advertising and presentation skills than the taste of the Quiche, but who cares, we sold’em.
We all, apart from Fliss who only came out of her room at about 2pm, went out cycling this afternoon. We thought that it would be kinder if we gave Marisa her Birthday present today so that she could use it rather than tomorrow when she would probably be waiting until next weekend before she could use it.
Fraser also has a new bike, so he went out with Ian while Kristian went out with Carolyn as they are both a bit nervous about riding, Marisa went out on her new bike and just rode with whoever she felt like at the time. For about ½ hour we just cycled round the streets close to the house, fortunately there isn’t much traffic round here so it is quite safe, and then Ian took Fraser and Marisa for a ride to their school and beyond and by the time they got back Fraser was almost confident. Carolyn and Kristian stayed close to home and Kristian improved dramatically.
When we had all got back, Fliss went out for a walk on the beach and Ian went out on his bike again, but to get some exercise this time rather than hanging about for the kids. This time he rode to Port Geographe which is the other side of Busselton and about 10 km from us, it was the first time he had ridden a bike seriously in about 9 months and before too long he was feeling it.
Virtually every week in the local papers there are letters in there complaining about the stink in Port Geographe because of the piles of rotting seaweed that wash up at the entrance to the Port, the Port is a new development on reclaimed land with lots of properties being built on what are described as Canals and obviously cost lots of money. The people that bought these houses originally thought that they had got a result when this place was built, they were relatively cheap and yet they sat on the waters edge, it was every mans dream and as prices went up they would make a killing, but not anymore.
The beach path goes all the way from where we live to Port Geographe and for the last Km or so the stench was unbearable and Ian had to hold his breath as much as possible because it was difficult to breath. There is not much being built there at the moment and Ian had a little ride round as much as he could get to, he was trying to get to the other side of the development where the Pub is but when he found the road that should have taken him there he found a sign which read, Layman Road Closed Use New Layman Road, unfortunately the didn’t give any directions to New Layman Road so he couldn’t find it. He then carried on riding and found another route that was closed which read No Pedestrian Access Bridge Under Construction, Alternative Pedestrian Access via Medusa Street, but no directions. He had a quick look to see if he could find it but to no avail, so he rode home again but through the centre of Busselton this time.
Ian reckons that the reason so many people are complaining to the papers about the stink coming from the rotting seaweed, apart from the fact that the rotting seaweed stinks is, they can’t get to the Pub to have a moan at the staff about it or discuss it in very loud voices with their mates, because some plonker has closed all the access routes and not told anyone where the diversions are.
Marisa wanted Chinese Take Away for her Birthday meal tonight so we obliged, washed down with Squash and Cake.
Then it was time for bed again, Fliss went to bed less than 8 hours after she had surfaced while we managed to hang on until 10pm.

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John & Martina said...

Happy Birthday to Marisa,

We enjoy your blogs now that we have found them. Very humorous.

Glad it is all working out well. Hope we can get to see you some time.

John & Martina