Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bread Pudding

Wednesday 7th May 2008
Not a bad day in the Café again today although it was a little bit quieter than last Wednesday, the homemade food is going well and getting rave reviews from the locals. As well as Quiche and Scones we now make Bread Pudding, which gives us an outlet for all the Crusts that we would normally throw away and is going down extremely well considering half the Aussies who come in have never heard of it. We are finding it quite strange that in a country where the populations’ ancestry stems from people that used to nick bread for a living, they don’t know about Bread Pudding, it’s no wonder they kept getting caught for nicking bread. If they had made Bread Pudding with the Crusts, the evidence would have been eaten and the Crusts wouldn’t have been on the premises when the Police came knocking.
We bought a Fax machine today as the one that we were left at the Café was a bit tired and unreliable to say the least, most of our ordering is done using a fax so it made sense to have one that we knew worked, in a couple of years time we reckon they might even learn how to use email as well.
We also ordered some Aprons today; we have changed the Café Logo from a sort of Gothic creation to a Peaceful, Chapelish sort of theme with a White Dove in a Stained Glass Window. Very imaginative we thought and if you are lucky Carolyn will get round to posting a copy on the blog for your perusal.
Tonight we took Fliss to a house where there was a room for rent and we think she has decided to take it, Kristian is not counting his Chickens just yet and will miss Fliss if she goes, but he is desperate to get his room back and have his own space again.

Olde Chapel Café


granny ho said...


Looking forward to seeing the logo. It sounds great.

Do you serve the bread pudding with custard?

The HoJo's said...

Hello, nope no custard, just warm on a plate. Bearing in mind no one had heard of bread pudd it is selling like a hot, um, pud! I tried to upload the logo but blogger didn't want to play so I shall try another time.