Thursday, May 8, 2008

The F Factor

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Thursday 8th May 2008
This blog was originally intended to be family friendly, however with Fliss working for us we feel that it is only right that we inform you that for the time being, or at least every time Fliss is mentioned the blog will be classified (F) (similar to PG or 18 or somewhere in between in the UK).
As you may have guessed Fliss was in fine form again today, only this time it was far more interesting than having scone stuck in her ring, this time it was about staff Toilet Habits. She is Class is our Fliss, but then what would you expect from a girl from Queensland.
Whilst working in the Kitchen today, one of the other members of staff walked in, picked up the Staff Toilet Key and said I’ll be back in a minute. We haven’t worked out yet whether we have a Staff Toilet key because we are posh, the Staff working in the Centre can pretend to be a bit more hygienic than the general population of Busselton, or the Centre Management are afraid that someone might nick it.
Anyway we digress, when said staff member was on her way to the loo, Fliss, who is obviously very conscious of how long people take when using the facilities announced that every time someone went to the loo, we should keep a log. We pointed out to her that whilst this might be acceptable behaviour in Queensland, we felt that the people of Busselton would be likely to take a very dim view of such behaviour and it probably wouldn’t improve our chances of gaining residency. If however she felt strongly about it, we would review the situation after we have got residency and are not at risk of being kicked out.
Saying that, it would appear that if you are a politician, weird tendencies get you noticed and could even, with a bit of luck make you a party leader, or premier even.
For those of you who haven’t got a clue who I am talking about, go into google au, type in troy buswell and read the news reports.
We had a busy day in the Café today, it was pension day and they were out in force, we also had a lot of people not of pension age in today, so hopefully things are looking up. Even the accountant and his wife came in for the second time this week, although he was probably just checking that we were going to be able to afford to pay his bill.
Late night shopping in Busselton is more like, late night cleaning, late night Quiche and Bread Pudding Cooking, late night prep for tomorrow or late night stand around and chat to the staff time. It is definitely not the most profitable part of the week for us and we need to come up with an offer that will get the crowds in on a Thursday night, although if people won’t even go out and do their weekly shopping on a Thursday night late night shopping night, then we think we have an uphill task.
Saying that, the Jeweller opposite us was so impressed by our enthusiasm and commitment that he felt obliged to stay open late as well, and while he wasn’t serving anybody he painted the outside of his shop.
We managed to get out of the Café almost on time tonight which is 23 minutes better than our personal best, we went home and had a late night (10.30), the beer ran out.

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