Monday, May 12, 2008

Dodgy Fish n Chips

Friday 9th May 2008
We were fairly busy in the Café today and the compliments are still coming in, the staff were all reasonably sensible today although Michelle had her dippy moments but then that is just the way she is. Fliss was surprisingly normal after a dodgy couple of days.
We had Fish and Chips again tonight, I think it is going to become the thing to do on a Friday Night, or at least until they invent Kebab shops. The Fish was not as good as we have had in the past and they were a bit tight on the Chips, which was a bit upsetting because we were all starving.
We decided that we would have an evening of Aussie culture tonight just to make Fliss feel at home, so we watched Crocodile Dundee with a couple of cold tinnies and a bag of Chips (crisps) which she thought was amusing.
Ian is distraught, his DAB radio has been placed back in the Time Capsule (cardboard box for keeping things that haven’t been invented over here yet) only to be replaced by the sort of Radio Alarm with great big red numbers that he had about 35 years ago.
It was the most modern one they had in the shop, it’s wicked, it’s got a screen on the top with numbers printed on it and when you turn the little cog wheel on the side you can see a little bar moving across the screen. When you get to the wave length you want you have to move it very slowly until you get the perfect signal, which isn’t really a perfect signal because the signal seems to get blown about in the wind so it fades or whistles from time to time. But hey we can put up with that, after all who would have thought that one day man would be able to Fly half way round the world and wake up 20 years before he left.
Anyway, back to the DAB Radio, it was looking so lonely just sitting on the bedside table sending out a signal into the ether with it’s little message on the screen saying “will somebody tell me where I am and what the date and time is”, it looked like it was getting frustrated with this state of affairs and depression was setting in, so it was time to pull the plug and put him away until civilisation as we now know it catches up.
Ian is not happy about it and wants DAB engineers to be put on the governments list of most wanted trades, so that he can listen to the radio without have to adjust the dial every two minutes.

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Anonymous said...

..and you can get it back out of the time capsule, wrap it up and give it back to Ian for Christmas. DAB is coming to oz in Jan 2009! or when ever..