Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Fillet Jim but not as we know it

Saturday 10th May 2008
Last night and all day today it has absolutely chucked it down with rain, we had four leaks in the Kitchen ceiling in the CafĂ© which meant having to work around strategically placed buckets for most of the day. It’s Mothers day tomorrow so there were lots of Dads and Kids in the centre today which is not too good for business, normally on a Saturday Mums go shopping and stop for coffee and a chat on the way, Dads just want to get the shopping done and get out as quickly as possible.
After work we were feeling a bit claustrophobic and decided to go for a walk along the beach, we found a Bar and Restaurant not too far from us at Broadwater Resort which is open to the public. More importantly not only is it the closest licensed premises to us, but it also has play equipment and direct access to the beach to keep the kids happy. Unfortunately none of us had any money on us so we couldn’t stop for a drink this time, but we are fairly confident that we shall be spending the odd evening there during the summer months, only because the kids liked the play equipment you understand.
We had Scotch Fillet Steak for dinner tonight, the only way this cut should be allowed to be called fillet is because it doesn’t have any bones in it. Nevertheless, with a bit of salad it went down really well, it was as tender as fillet but was probably Rib Eye without the eye. Apparently if you really want Fillet, you have to ask for Tenderloin, we don’t know what you have to ask for if you want Tenderloin.
In the evening we decided to indulge in a bit more Aussie culture and watched Crocodile Dundee II, washed down with a few more cold tinnies.

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