Monday, May 12, 2008

Dib, Dib, Dib

Monday 12th May 2008
A quiet day at the office today, the roofing people turned up at the shopping centre, did some repairs, flooded the roof with water and when they couldn’t see any leaks, went home. It would appear that there were fifteen leaks reported to the site management on Saturday and not for the first time; let’s hope that they have at least got our bit right this time.
Now that we don’t have Fliss to babysit first thing in the morning Ian went out this afternoon to look for a second car and we will try to get out together tomorrow to look at the shortlist.
The kids were worried this morning that they were never going to see Fliss again, but when we pointed out that they would see her most afternoons in the Café they were happy again.
The computer people phoned up today, we had dropped off our computer with them because it wasn’t managing to hold a wireless signal for very long and the line kept dropping, they phoned to say that they had found out what was wrong with our computer and for the princely sum of $79 plus the $55 to look at it in the first place they could fix it. When Carolyn spoke to them about it she asked what it was that was wrong with it and when they told her she pointed out to them that the part in question was a part that they had sold her two weeks ago therefore it was them that would have to pay for a new part and she would not be paying the $55 for them to diagnose it because it was their broken part that was the problem, she then in a gesture of defiance, got them to carry the computer out to the car.
The Blind man came round today to do our blinds, except of course he wasn’t really a blind man, because if he had been a blind man he wouldn’t have been able to see where the blinds went. This was the sort of banal rubbish that was bouncing round the Café when the Blind man rang to tell us that he was coming round to put up our blinds. They have done a good job and it all looks very smart, we don’t know what the insects that look through our windows are going to make of though, when they find they haven’t got any newspapers to read they are going to have to get their news from elsewhere. Maybe they will be able to get it on the Grapevine although we don’t have one so they will still have to go elsewhere.
This evening Marisa went to Guides and Kristian went to Cubs, over here they call them Joeys, both of them had a good time and want to go on their respective camps. Fraser is going to start at Scouts on Tuesday.

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