Sunday, April 27, 2008

Interview day

Thursday 24th April 2008
We went into the Café this morning to interview the staff prior to taking over, there was only one that we wouldn’t take on and that was because we need to put everyone through the books to gain residency and cannot afford to take on anyone off the books, plus the staff that we interviewed are so enthusiastic about the fact that they are going to be working for somebody who is interested in the business, they all want to work longer hours.
During a quiet spell in between interviews, Carolyn went to the bank to transfer funds to the Settlement agent ready for settlement on the 28th.
While we were interviewing Fliss took the kids down to the seafront and let them loose in a kiddie’s playground before filling them up with Junk Food and Flavoured Water, but we forgive her.
It was gone 2pm by the time we left the Café and found Fliss and the kids, at about 2.25pm Carolyn remembered that the Carpet fitters were due at 2pm and also the Electrician was supposed to be turning up, both had got our mobile number but for some reason the Carpet Fitter decided to drive off (twice) rather than phone us. Anyway, we got back to the house, rang them up and they turned up within 30 minutes, so we now have carpet everywhere apart from the Lounge and Dining Room which bearing in mind we haven’t got any furniture to go in there is not such a bad thing.
The Electrician “apparently” had lost our number and was unable to let us know that he couldn’t make it, he will be coming in some time next week.
We managed to build Marisa’s bed today, she is absolutely delighted while her brothers are breathing a sigh of relief because they will now be able to get on with their own thing rather than being told what to do by their tyrannical sister.

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granny ho said...

Wow That was a good long read. All the best for your first day. xx