Sunday, April 27, 2008

Going back to our roots

Tuesday 22nd April 2008
Ian was painting again today and ran out of paint, we can’t get anymore until tomorrow and he is not a happy chappie, the walls in our bedroom have just soaked it up as fast as he could paint it so he is going to use a lot more than he originally thought. Fraser has been waiting patiently for the chance to help with the painting so we let him loose in our en-suite closely supervised by Carolyn, which was a waste of time because she is as blind as a bat when it comes to decorating, fortunately after a couple of minor mistakes he got the hang of it and did quite a good job.
The Plumbers came and dug out the offending roots before replacing the broken pipe, between 2 of them they were done in less than 2 hours.
It’s weird, over here people don’t get tips, in restaurants, taxis etc people give tips and with all the tradesmen we have had in not one of them would accept a cup of tea or coffee (we assume that’s why Graham Capel has never moved out here), they do however earn a good wage over here compared to the UK so perhaps that has something to do with it.
The Owner of the Café and her son are so desperate to get out of the business that Graham, the son drove to Bunbury today to pick up the Lease Assignment forms and then delivered them to the house rather than wait for them to turn up in the post tomorrow. We will sign them tomorrow morning and he is going to drive there to drop them off to make sure this goes through as quickly as possibly. Most people would say that we should be worrying but we believe that this Café is right for us and in the words of some singer whose name we can’t remember, the only way is up.
We set up the TV and Video for the kids tonight so that they could watch the Last Mimzy, it is the first time that they have watched TV since we have been here and they enjoyed it.
When we were in the UK, every time the kids got a bit bored they asked if they could watch TV, over here they have not really mentioned it at all despite the fact that the TV has been sitting in the corner of the room all week. The fact that they can play outside in warm weather all day has totally taken their minds off the rubbish that is on TV, hopefully it will stay like that and watching TV will become a treat rather than just something you sit in front of when you can’t think of anything else to do.
We got a call from the carpet people today; they will be coming in to do the back half of the house tomorrow and might be able to do the rest on Thursday.

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