Sunday, April 27, 2008

The painting is almost over

Monday 21st April 2008
Ian started on our bedroom today and he has decided he has not got what it takes to become a Painter and Decorator, he is however confident that he has the stamina and commitment to finish this, the last room before he loses his rag and dumps anything that looks that it might be associated with decorating. This attitude might sound a bit weird to some but to paint the whole house in 10 days, for somebody that is not used to this sort of work is hard work, made harder by the fact that there is a deadline of when the carpets turn up which could be any time.
On the bright side, when it is finished it will not need doing again for a fair time, on the down side when it does need doing again it will all need doing at the same time. We had better hope we can afford to pay a decorator otherwise we will have to move.
The Plumber came back at lunchtime to finish the bits that he couldn’t finish on Friday. The drains have started to block up, there appears to be roots that have broken through the pipe but this plumber does not do that sort of plumbing and gave us the number of a Plumber that does. After we rang this other plumber someone came round very quickly, looked at it, gave us a price and said he would be back tomorrow to fix it.
The Fridge and Freezer people turned up and announced that we need a new door for the Fridge and they will need to realign the Freezer door and they hope to be able to do it within 2-4 weeks.
We ordered the Blinds for the windows today; hopefully we should get them early next week although it could take a lot longer.
Keith has been busy in the garden again today and he is loving it, we think we should be paying him somehow although he is not the sort to take payment so it would have to be goods and we don’t know what he likes, perhaps we’ll have to give him some vouchers for the CafĂ©.

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