Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fate or is it fete

Wednesday 23rd April 2008
Ian finished painting and threw as much as he dared in the bin, it was purely a sign of defiance but it made him feel better so it was good.
The Carpet guys turned up at about 10.30 and laid the carpets in the back half of the house, they said they won’t have enough time tomorrow to finish the house but the will finish the bedrooms. They said they will be back early next week to do the Lounge and Dining Room.
We rang the Settlement agent to let him know that we will be Settling on Monday 28th April, Carolyn is convinced that Fate or is it Fete is playing a part in this because, apart from everything falling into place at the time we needed it during the Visa process, the 28th will be 5 months to the day since we left Axbridge. If in 2, 3 or 4 years time on 28th of any month we receive our residency visa Ian will accept the Fate or is it Fete theory.
The kids decided that they could have more fun with more people on the Oval at their school, Marisa rode a bike, Kristian pushed a Scooter and Fraser walked. When Carolyn went out ½ hour later she picked up the boys and drove them to the Oval, when she came back she gave them a lift back because they were so far behind Marisa.
When they got back Marisa and a friend had picked up a load of clay from somewhere along the seafront, Ian tried to tell them that it was Camel Poo but they weren’t convinced and continued to make lumps of clay out of it which they then sat in the back garden (1) to bake (2) so the neighbours couldn’t see.
When they had finished sculpting these pottery masterpieces they were totally covered in clay so Carolyn opened up the hose on them, fortunately the weather is still warm and they thought that it was great fun, if they do it again in the winter they might not be quite so happy when they get hosed down.

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