Sunday, April 27, 2008

A herd of Salmon

Friday 25th April 2008
We decided that today would be our best chance of taking the kids to the cinema during the School Holidays and went to see Spiderwick, on the way to the cinema there were some traffic diversions because it is Anzac day and the roads had been closed for the parade. Whilst trying to find somewhere to park we almost managed to run over Fliss as she was crossing the road, she said that she would like to come to the Cinema with us. Spiderwick was enjoyed by all which was a result.
After the Cinema we had a Jaffle Pie Lunch followed by a Gelato (ice cream) Dessert, in the Gelato shop we met one of the staff who will be working for us in the Café, her name is Elena and she had obviously told her parents about the interview because after being introduced to us they were commenting on numerous things that had only been expressed at interview. They came over here from Italy 7 years ago on the same sort of visa as us and say they would not want to be anywhere else as they love the lifestyle over here.
In the afternoon we went to Meelup Beach for a swim, it was the busiest we had seen it with plenty of families there and also loads of fishermen.
They certainly take their fishing seriously here, there must have been about 20 boats fishing at Meelup today and they were all fishing within a few yards of each other. The were after Salmon and every time the Herd swam off, the boats would all follow them, this combined with the 50 or so anglers fishing off the rocks at either end of the bay meant that the poor old Salmon didn’t stand a chance really.
We know Salmon don’t fly in herds, we think they are a shoal but our learned Australian (Fliss) insists that in Australia it is a school and I can’t be bothered to Google it to find out.

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