Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taking in the homeless

Saturday 26th April 2008
We got a phone call at 9am this morning from Fliss asking us if she can stay, she had told us yesterday that her room had been paid up to Sunday but when she spoke to reception this morning they told her that she had only paid up till today. She has now moved in and poor Kristian has been kicked out of his room for the time being much to his disgust, but hopefully it won’t be for long because the kids are going through a don’t like each other phase at the moment and hate sharing. The kids love Fliss being here, they just hate each other spending time with her so she has got her work cut out trying to keep them all happy all the time.
We went to Bunnings at lunch time, Fliss and the kids played in the kiddies play area while we went to a catering equipment wholesaler to see if we could find some individual Lasagne dishes for us to use in the CafĂ©. Needless to say they didn’t have any so we went and looked in the bike shop instead.
They didn’t have any Lasagne dishes in the bike shop either, but they did have some bikes, they just didn’t have any that we liked the look of or that would have been suitable for Fraser or Marisa.
The Owner/Manager asked us if he could help and when we told him what we were looking for he knew exactly what we wanted, unfortunately he didn’t have any and he didn’t offer to order one in for us. He did however show us a bike which was almost but not exactly like the opposite of what we are looking for.
We left there and went to the pet shop, not because we wanted anything from there but because it put off the inevitable, while Fliss was looking after the kids we were going to make the most of it. In the end we had to go and find them and bought them Hot Dogs from the Sausage Sizzle outside Bunnings.
Ian put his bike together today and went for a ride along the beach path with Carolyn and Marisa, the path is smooth tarmac and is in really good condition so we had a good comfortable ride for a couple of miles before it started to get dark and we had to head for home. We cycled towards Dunsborough within a few yards of the sea all the way, we hadn’t explored this area before but we are glad we did today; the beach and the views are spectacular and when we have all got bikes we will go out together and see how far the path goes and whether it goes all the way to Dunsborough or not.
Some of our neighbours over the road had a bit of a party which didn’t finish till about 3am, which back in the UK wouldn’t be a problem but out here it is an outdoor lifestyle so you have your parties in your outside entertaining area which means that everyone can hear it, but hey Not a Drama Hey.

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