Sunday, April 27, 2008

The hard work begins

Thursday 10th April 2008
Today we ordered the Carpets for the house, bought a 3 Piece Suite and arranged for all of the White goods that we ordered a couple of weeks ago to be delivered next Monday.
We were supposed to be getting a couple of companies round to quote for replacement Window and Fly Screens, one of them turned up but the department he worked for in the company was not the department that deals with replacement Windows and Fly Screens and he said that if they were his windows he wouldn’t bother changing them anyway. The other company should have been here at 9am this morning but when we rang him at about 11am and spoke to the guy who arranged the appointment he said that he could remember making the appointment but had not put it in the diary, after a couple of minutes on the phone with the rustling of paper going on in the background he suddenly announced that he had found it under a pile of paperwork on his desk. You could almost feel the jubilation in his voice as he made the announcement and of course it made us feel so much better knowing that he was now a happy chappie, perhaps he doesn’t normally find them and without knowing it we had made his day. Anyway, about an hour later he turned up to measure the windows and was suitably apologetic although very proud of the fact that he had managed to find the piece of paper that he had written the appointment on. We think that perhaps the government should put Secretaries on their list of most wanted occupations and then these problems may not occur.
Ian spent the afternoon painting the ceiling of what we are going to call the family room, it has a high sloping ceiling with atrium and is a pain in the backside to paint. Carolyn spent the afternoon taking down Blinds and removing the brackets from the walls.
We met another 2 neighbours today, there is Keith from opposite who is Doreens other half, he used to work for the Forestry Commission so hopefully he will know where we can get some cheap wood for the wood burner during the winter and Julie to the right who works at Bunnings (B&Q) and who very kindly lent us a set of cutlery until we manage to find ours.
In the evening we treated the kids to Red Rooster (chicken and chips) and when they went to bed we had a nice leisurely Chinese meal washed down with some local Rose Wine.

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