Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pizza for Africa

Wednesday 9th April 2008
Ian got up at 6.30 this morning, one of the TV stations has been advertising that they will be showing the Liverpool v Arsenal Champions League game so he got up to watch it. After making himself a cup of tea he switched on the TV to find that the Pre Match blah had already started, they were showing goals from what Ian thought was a previous encounter, after showing the goals they announced that Liverpool had won 4 – 2 and would be facing Chelsea in the Semi Final. They then went on to announce that they would be showing the entire game at 7am, Ian was not impressed with this turn of events and turned the telly off. The TV over here must be one of the worst in the world, they are clueless.
After breakfast we showed Ians sisters and entourage round the house before taking them for a walk along the beach, they then went to Bunbury to swim with some dolphins while we started masking the house up ready for the decorating to start tomorrow.
We met one of our new neighbours today, her name is Doreen and she lives opposite us.
The kids all had Pizza today at school, they organise these things from time to time to raise funds either for the school or for a Child in Africa whom they sponsor. Ironic really isn’t it, to raise money for a poor starving child in Africa we have to force feed our children Pizza while the government is warning us about the dangers of obesity, surely we would be better off starving our kids for the day and send the Pizza’s out to Africa.
In the evening we all went out for dinner at the Nard (short for esplanade hotel), when they found out that we would have seven kids with us they put us in the breakfast room and showed the film Madagascar on the big screen for the kids. This worked really well because it meant that as soon as we finished eating we went and sat in the bar and had a chat while the kids stayed glued to the screen.

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