Sunday, April 27, 2008

Removal day

Friday 11th April 2008
The kids finish school today for their 2 week Easter Break, unfortunately somebody moved Easter this year otherwise it could have worked out well. Because they are not going to be in school on the 25th April they had their Anzac Day memorial service today, the school has its own flag pole so everybody gathers round and observes a minutes silence and a Wreath is laid. Over here it is compulsory for all school age children to take part in these services as a mark of respect for those that died and it is taken very seriously.
Our belongings arrived today from the UK and Carolyn spent her time checking that in, fortunately not too much of it appears to be broken but we can’t unpack it yet because we want to decorate and get the carpets down first, so it is all sitting in a big pile in the lounge. Ian spent the day painting the family room ceiling.
In the evening we moved most of our belongings from the rented house into our new home and had Fish and Chips for our evening meal. If you have never tried Red Emperor Fish we recommend you try it because it is gorgeous, the meat is a lot firmer than Cod and has a pink tinge to it and it is really tasty.

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