Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fliss is here

Friday 18th April 2008
We received a letter today from the Shopping Centre Management Company today, asking us for permission to bank the Cheque that we sent them to cover the Deposit that we were required to pay on the CafĂ©. Apparently to put it in a trust account they need permission to bank the cheque, we can’t see why you would write them a cheque if you didn’t want them to bank it but thems the rules.
Ian finished painting Marisa’s room today which will shut her up for a while. The plumber turned up, fitted our new Cook top and plumbed in the Dishwasher.
Fliss, the barmaid who used to work for us in Axbridge has turned up in Busselton and is ready to start work, we knew she was coming but thought it would be at the end of the month. For those of you who don’t know her, Fliss is Australian and hopefully will be the extra person that we need to employ to gain residency over here, she’s daft as a brush and hates spiders with a vengeance which is unfortunate really considering she was born in a country full of not very nice ones. Incidentally, did you know that a Daddy Long Legs is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world? Unfortunately for it and fortunately for us it is not very good at biting so cannot deliver the poison. I thought you’d be interested.
We met Fliss for lunch and had Jaffle Pies, I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before so forgive me if I have but a Jaffle Pie is a pie version of a Breville toasted sandwich. They lay a sheet of pastry on the pie shaped toaster and then fill it with whatever filling you want, then they put another pastry sheet on top and close the lid, toasting it for 7 minutes.
We popped in to see the Settlement agent to sign some documents only to find that they had got the name wrong on one of them, we will have to come back and sign that another day.
In the evening we took Fliss to the Nard (esplanade hotel) for dinner because we still don’t have any stools or dining chairs to sit on. As we were pulling up outside we could see a Possum running along the pavement outside, only the 2nd one we have seen.
When we got home we tried to get one of the TV’s working, we can get a perfect picture but can’t get any sound, it would appear that they broadcast the sound on a different system to that in the UK.

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Anonymous said...

I knew there was a legitimate reason I didn't like Daddy Long Legs..apart from the long lets and the getting tangled in your hair thing...*grin*