Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busselton chainsaw massacre

Thursday 17th April 2008
The phone was connected today, and only 2 weeks after we requested it. Obviously Telstra had to wait until they could find and train a suitable Engineer, able to use a Tom Tom Sat Nav to find the Telephone Exchange and then when he got there still have the wherewithal to flick the switch that would, if the Telstra staff had answered the phone when we first rang them 3 weeks ago, give a happy customer the phone line and service that they deserve.
We were chatting to Keith from over the road this morning and he was telling us how he has been watching our garden become overgrown for the last 7 years and that he has been desperate to clear it up a bit, but each time he suggested it his wife told him he couldn’t because it wasn’t his to touch.
We told him that there are several trees that we want chopped down including one at the front of the house and also a few dead shrubs that need getting rid of, with that he ran across the road and came back 2 minutes later Chainsaw in hand. Before we knew it he had chopped down one tree and started ripping down Ivy and dead shrubs and within a very short time the front of the house was looking almost presentable.
Keith worked on the garden all day and when we apologised for not helping him he said “don’t worry you’ve got your painting to be getting on with” and continued about his work, he is really looking forward to chopping down the rest of the trees though, especially the one that he offered to poison for the previous owners 7 years ago, but they hadn’t taken him up on his offer and it was now a little bit on the large side.
Ian has finished the Boys rooms etc and has started on the Lounge and Dining Room, which is going to be a nightmare when it comes to doing the second coat on the ceiling because it is open plan and a large area to cover under artificial light. Needless to say Ian is not looking forward to doing this bit of the house.

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