Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hot dogs and cheesecake

Saturday 19th April 2008
We had a look round a few shops in Busselton to find some Stools or Chairs this morning but without any joy, so we went to Bunbury instead and there wasn’t much there either although we did manage to get some stools for the Breakfast Bar.
Outside Bunnings we got a Hot Dog for lunch and then we went to the Cheesecake Shop where Ian had a chat with the owner about providing Desserts for the Café, after he had finished chatting we had a piece of cheesecake each.
While we were in Bunbury we went into a Clarks Rubber Shop and found a Swimming Pool, 1.2 Metres deep, 16 Feet Wide and 33 Feet Long for only $11,000 (approx £5,500) which we were very tempted by, but at the moment the money will be better spent on the business.
When we got back from Bunbury we found that Keith had cleared the garden of anything that was either dead, unwell or in the way and had put it all in his trailer ready for a trip to the tip.
Ian carried on painting in the afternoon and evening.

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