Monday, March 14, 2011

A funny thing happened

Sunday was lovely, hot but not oppressive, sunny but not fierce, perfect for a trip to the beach.

On the way to Gnarabup we rang a friend of Missy and invited her to join us, she lives in Margaret River and was on the way. A short detour and a promise to be careful on the beach and we were off.

The beach was perfect, we swam, the kids dived and found a huge supply of shells we used the boogie boards for over an hour and they still wanted more.

Mr Hojo and I were hanging for a coffee so we got the troops to move over to the sheltered beach for a swim where we could supervise them from the safety of a table, 2 chairs and some warm caffeinated beverages.

Thud, THUD, THUD oh my........ a trailer had unhitched itself and the guy who was hoping to collect some seaweed for his garden was in danger of squashing 4 children, one of whom didn't belong to us!

We watched in slow motion as the trailer bumped its way down the slope towards the children who sensibly stepped out the way and calmly helped him get the trailer back on the slipway! Way cool.

Kids all fine and back in the water we stayed on for a while until we felt we needed to go get the kids home and ready for school the next day.

We took friend home and stayed for a chat witht the parents, at no time did either of us think to mention we nearly got her squashed...I suspect they will trust us again.....?

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