Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABC Grandstand

Last Saturday afternoon when we came home from work, Ian switched the radio on in the bedroom while he was getting changed and after listening to a load of drivel about Aussie rules football (aerial ping pong we call it), the commentator, reporter, DJ, presenter, whatever you want to call him, announced to the world that he had made a mistake.
Now ABC over here is the equivalent of BBC back in the UK, so should be a professional outfit, in reality they are abysmal and are always getting things wrong and this was a blinder.
It would appear that before we got home from work, the presentery sort of person had given out the result of a Rugby League Match, not just any Rugby League Match, but the biggest match of the day, Waratahs vs someone else, now we know this was a big match because they had been talking about it all week on the radio.
Picture it, this apology for making a mistake took place at approx 4pm WA time and the game didn’t start until 4.30pm WA time, what was the mistake you might ask, the mistake was that the presentery dude had given out the final result of a game that still hadn’t kicked off and the reason for it was that, it would appear that ABC get their sports news from watching Foxtel (Sky), Foxtel had been showing the highlights of the previous years corresponding match as part of their big game build up and this plonker thought that they were showing the highlights of this years game so gave out the result, you would have thought that the ABC could afford to send a reporter to such a big game.
Anyway, Ian laughed his socks off when he heard this guy explaining how he had made the mistake, which was just as well otherwise they would have got wet when he got in the shower.

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Ganeida said...

It's at moments like these you need....
ABC, Have you met my blonde daughter?