Friday, February 11, 2011

It is about time

Walking on water after the 'cyclone'

We prepared like sensible people, we hid everything in the shed, put the plants away, put the garden furniture in the lounge because we ran out of room in the shed and yes, the drum kit ended up in the rabbit run! and the cyclone didnt come to busso for which we are thankful, but really, the bruises from moving all the stuff!

Next evening we decided to go to the Jetty and have a look at the wild and wooly weather, it rained.

The kids walked along the small jetty and I hid and took photos.

Sunset at the Jetty Fiesta

A busy day at the cafe and a big fiesta in busso to celevrate the jetty finally being open again. Missy was in a drama presentation in front of a croud of around 10,000 people!

Littlest Dude

Stop the car Mum, I want to take a picture of the clouds.

Marisa in the news again.

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