Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year

I don't make resolutions at the start of a year, New Year has always been just another day to us, previously a very busy stressful workday with no room for celebration so we have no tradition for partying.

This year we thought it would be nice to go out early ish and head home way before midnight. Um, yeah...

Amusingly the power went out just before we planned on leaving and as we had a drink each we decided to watch the mayhem with interest.
The party in the function room went wild they couldn't be served, some silliness about not being able to wash glasses :o) we sipped away happy in the knowledge that the kids were ok and weren't worried about no lights, when I rang a second time to check up, Fraser answered the phone with a sweet WHAT? like I was disturbing him!

We chatted with another couple at the bar, got to be the second time that has happened in 3 years, Aussie bars are so dissapointingly unfriendly like that, no local bars at all, just drop ins for people who happen to not be at a bbq that night.
So we chat for a while and eventually the light go on and we manage to be first in the queue to get served, and the beer runs out. Forever. Again.

The last owners did this, they ditch the weak beer and claim that it's ok because you can buy a bottle for twice the price, thanks.

The weakest beer is now around 4.1 which just isn't a session beer for us, so no more evenings popping to the pub.

The walk home was pleasant enough as we had spent most of the evening either not getting served quickly or just not getting served at all and the first people we saw on the way back were playing a friendly game of cricket in the street, in the dark, in the early hours of the morning, but not outside my house so thats ok!

Happy New Year

I leave you with amusing (to us) pics from the Busso Trotts on Boxing Day with friends.

And a suprise gift from the Lovely P :oD