Monday, October 25, 2010


We are busy, lots of interest in the cafe, probably 3 serious lookers, no offers :o(......... yet!

Marisa is keeping us on our toes with Panto rehursals, all three went on a jaunt to Donnybrook for a trek around the area with Cubs and Scouts (my cub came second with his group) even though they broke the egg they were supposed to look after all day, I think Kristian dropped it within 2 minutes of starting out :o) there were rides and bouncy castles laid on and a great day was had by all, it was great to go home after work on Saturday and snooze on the sofa too!

Sunday was a lovely family day out, a beautiful sunny day, great company and the kids all had fun with friends too! just what we all needed after the ups and downs of the last week or so.

Ian and I mooched around the local galleries while the kids cleaned out bunnies which seems like a good deal to me.

On the way home we found a couple of dogs playing chase in the road, a busy road, so we ended up taking them home! 2 boys! we have 2 ladies at home who weren't impressed and the cat was livid!

As we weren't able to reach the owner we had to let the ranger take them to prison :o( funnily enough the cat is VERY friendly today, ratbag!

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Ganeida said...

Now Kirby is terrorising the local children! /80 Apparently their dog has been in our yard. Kirby is very territorial & now he fluffs up all his hair & arches his back to look like a black & white terrorist as he stalks this dog. The poor owner is only about 10 & terrified of our cat!