Saturday, October 16, 2010

As I sit here

typing away on my pc, using valuable electrickery I gaze baffled at my latest bill from the lovely people at Synergy, it is double, actually no, it is more than double the one from this time last year. I know this not because I keep meticulous records filed away carefuly, but because it says so on the bill. Gasp. How did this happen, I suspect it may be the secret teenager syndrome but I am not sure. An ever increasing need to be charging up Nintendo Ds' or playing music on Ipod speakers or Facebook friending could be the reason. I'm fairly sure we are good at switching off lights, perhaps it is time to banish the one light left on in the hall at night, or perhaps not. No one likes tripping over the cat at 3am, no one likes cleaning up the mess of sick children who didn't get to the loo in time and kindly left puke on the floor for Mum to find (actually I did that to my mum once! should have left a light on :o)

I could limit time on the pc, but then they would be in trouble at school for not keeping up their hours on Mathletics, I could ban Ian from his laptop but then how would we work out where to live when we return to the UK?

Where in the world should the HoJos go next?

Surprise me, where do you think we should go next ;o)


Jennifer said...

Back here. Clearly! *grin*.
But then you know I was going to say that :)

The HoJo's said...

Awwww thanks :o) I hear rumours that we have put the kids names down for school back there already! and that we are buying the pub back *runs away screaming* ahem.....

Jennifer said...

I could start some rumours if you like...what did you have in mind? ;)