Friday, June 4, 2010

To the dogs!

Oh the drama and screaming yesterday morning, and no, they weren't arguing over whose day it is to sit in the front of the car...

Kristian ran to me crying and shouting 'Lilah is killing Cleo'

Oh dear :o( she really was.

Lilah likes to drag Cleos collar off her, today she got her teeth caught in the collar and couldn't let go and Cleo couldn't breathe. At all. She was floppy and lifeless on the floor. The collar all twisted around Lilahs front teeth and she couldn't let go and was terrified.
Marisa was sent for the Vet number and phone and proceeded to make the call. I grabbed a knife but couldn't cut through the collar so sent for the scissors and managed to cut through a huge dogs collar.
Cleo is still not breathing and was floppy and lifeless.
Talking to the Vet while performing chest compressions on an enormous dog was not what I expected to be doing at 8.15 yesterday morning.

With the collar off and after what felt like hours of waiting, she started to breathe again, foaming at the mouth and making a dreadful noise, but breathing.

Poorly dog and wailing children were loaded into the car and taken to the Vet, where a friend met us and took wailing children to school. At this point we didn't know if Lilah had damaged her teeth or mouth in all this.

After a few hours at the vets, Cleo was pronounced fit and well and shan't be wearing a collar in the garden anymore. Lilah was also fine but looking a little forlorn and they pined dreadfully while apart.

Stupid dogs.

Carolyn spend half the day cosseting dogs whilst covered in blood and other dog related gore.

Happy days. They were so much easier when they were this size, however I appreciate their better bladder control now they are older, just not wiser.


Amanda said...

Hi! Just popped over from Ganeida's blog... I say a post about 'dogs', so absolutey had to come over for a peek lol.

We love dogs in this house. We have a male yellow lab, 3 yo Darcy.

You babies are just beautiful and I am glad they are ok after their big ordeal. How scary for you! I would have panicked, but that does no one any good lol.

What breed are they? Are they sisters? (not sure if they are girls or boys).


The HoJo's said...

Hello and welcome!

They are sisters, Ridgeback/Retriever, a lovely mix and almost one year old so I hope they won't grow any bigger.

Thanks for dropping by


Ganeida said...

Yikes. Double YIKES!!!! Having just done a cat thing I'm swearing of animals. Glad everyone is all right. You are very brave doing CPR on a dog!