Thursday, January 7, 2010

A picture post

I guess by the visits we are getting people still want blog posts, and as we haven't managed a proper one in, oooh a month or two here are some more pics to keep you going.

We went to the Ugg shop in Dunsborough to check out the price of Cardi Uggs for Vic and accidentally bought me a top and skirt :o)

The cake, thanks again H.

Christmas day on the beach with friends, no Fraser and Ian, they were in A&E for 2 hours as Fraser is determined to be allergic to stingers.

This is what happened on Christmas eve, don't ask!!!

This also happened Christmas Eve, snigger, sorry B!

Maybe in honour of our 16th wedding anniversary on the 8th Jan we will get Kristian to take a pic of us as well.
Fraser and Marisa are in Cataract Park, Sydney for the 2010 Australian Scout Jamboree and shan't be seen again until the 15th, no photos sadly but many a scary tale I suspect.

It must have just passed midnight in the UK as Skype is kindly reminding me my Mum should be celebrating her 67th birthday. Yeah. Great. Miss you xx


Glowstars said...

Should I send you to check something else out so you can have more 'accidents'?

Ganeida said...

Oh my! Ok. Not asking.

Lost in Cov said...

Hi! The cake looks lovely!! :-)

Maybe you could just blog once a week as you are all so busy?

Then you could fill us in on key events like when Marisa got bitten by a radioactive spider which gave her the superhuman ability to climb walls?!!

H xxxxx