Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The scouts had a fab time

They looked like this when they left, early in the morning.

They spent 2 weeks with 10,000 other scouts at Cataract Park, they had an awesome time, so I'm told.
They looked like this when they came back :o)

Marisa managed to get into a local paper in Sydney so will have to scan that one in later.

Short and sweet, just like Missy ;o)who is currently in trouble, but I'll save that for tomorrow! Doncha love a cliffhanger?


The Cloughs said...

not a vast difference apart from the hat and extra dangly bits round the necks. Their skin still looks skin coloured rather than brown with mud. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the computer doesn't have smell facilities so we can't tell on that score!

Anonymous said...

How on earth did Cataract Park get its name?

They loked like they survived pretty well.