Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stirling Ranges

Monday 28th September 2009
The puppies woke us up early this morning, now that is a really good reason to have daylight saving, if we gave all the residents of WA a puppy which woke the house up at dawn, they’d soon vote daylight saving back in so that we could have dawn a bit later.
Today is a public holiday but we had to get up early anyway, Fraser and Marisa are going on Scout Camp to the Stirling Ranges and we had to drop them off at the Scout hut at 9.30am, they still hadn’t left by 10am so we left them to it and went to pick up one of Kristians mates who we have arranged for him to see for the day.
When we got home we got stuck into some gardening, we have been putting it off all winter, too cold, too windy, too rainy, can’t be bothered, we now we have to be bothered because the grass is getting so long we aren’t sure if our next door neighbours still have a garden fence and if they haven’t we don’t want the puppies to escape.
We did a fair amount of heavy digging but soon got fed up with that, so we went down to the jetty for a coffee while Kristian and his mate hurtled around on their scooters.
After dropping Kristians mate home we went to the Café to do a few bits there before going home and having pizza in front of the telly while watching Spiderman with Kristian.

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