Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chaos reigns Supreme

Tuesday 29th September 2009
Sods law, a key member of staff down and we get absolutely slaughtered at the Café, the weather has been bad so the only places for the tourists to go are indoors and our Café is indoors.
We can’t knock it because that’s what we have the business for, but why are the busy days always when you don’t have a full compliment of regular staff to call on, staff that not only know what to do themselves but know what the other staff are doing as well.
Take out a regular and replace them with a couple of part timers and you’d think that none of the staff had ever worked there before, because something doesn’t happen or is in the wrong place at the wrong time, or indeed in the right place at the wrong time, everything goes to pieces and chaos reigns supreme.
We managed to get through it though without Ian killing anyone which was good, although Carolyn was a bit concerned about the puppies because they should have been fed an hour before she managed to get out of the Café.
Because the Café was so busy today, none of the baking that was due to be done had been done, so Ian ended up working until 10pm tonight baking and preparing food for tomorrow and was a tad tired at the end of it.

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Ganeida said...

I would be even more of a raving lunatic than I already am if I had to work with both food & people [people as in *The Public*] given I can't stand either on a relatively good day. You are brave little immigrants, gunga din! :P