Monday, October 12, 2009


Saturday 3rd October 2009
It was a quiet day in the Café today, even after having to clean the fryers we were able to be done and home by about half past three.
Having got home early and with no kids in tow, we decided to head out to Stilts as it used to be called, now it is called Broadwater Beach Bar and Restaurant or something like that.
We were going to make an evening of it and maybe even have a meal there just to check it out, but we were so tired that we were having trouble getting past two drinks and feared that we might fall asleep at the bar.
After leaving the bar, we walked up to Broadwater food hall on the way home, Carolyn had decanted the half a bottle of wine that she had left from the bar into two takeaway coffee cups so as not to look too much like an alky and drank it with our meal from Ismails, an Halal type food place, the food was good if a bit spicy, but gave us the energy to walk home.
After feeding and kicking out the puppies for half an hour we went to bed, what a waste of a good party opportunity, finish work early, no kids to look after and we have an early night, what a couple of lightweights.

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Vic said...

Surely cleaning out the fryers is a nasty job and the closest you should get to it is supervising the part-timers you love so dearly.