Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids go to Perth

Friday 2nd October 2009
Carolyn and the kids set off fairly early this morning to drive to Mandurah where they were going to meet Sharon at the train station, she was going to take them from there up to Perth.
Any systems that might have been in place in the kitchen at the Café fell apart today, staff who do the same things every day went off to help others, while other less experienced staff who should have been the ones helping the experienced ones, were left to fill the gaps left by the experienced staff who had gone off to help the experienced staff, you had to be there, it was a nightmare.
Ian was stuck on the counter making coffee and taking orders for long periods, relying on the experienced staff in the kitchen to do their part and make sure that side of the business runs smoothly and it didn’t work.
People were waiting ages for food, the kitchen staff had forgotten how to prioritise and were concentrating on doing one order at a time instead of knocking out the easy bits while waiting for other stuff to cook, it was only when Carolyn got back from dropping the kids off half way through lunchtime, that she prioritised it all and cleared the backlog within about fifteen minutes, we doubt that we will ever know how much damage had been done to trade before that though.
This evening after work we went for a stroll done to Stilts, it has recently reopened and we just felt the need to get out for an hour.
It is going to be an interesting place to be for a while, the new owners used to work for one of the restaurants in Busselton a few years ago and thought that they could do something with this place.
The menu is fairly small but interesting and reasonably priced, but nobody seems to know what they are doing behind the bar.
The barman, who kept running out the back to be violently ill, would then stick his hand in the ice bucket, pull out some ice and put in the ice crusher, ready for it to go into peoples drinks.
When the owner asked the barman what was wrong with him, the barman said that he had eaten something the previous day that had disagreed with him and that he had been throwing up all day, instead of sending him home, the owner just laughed and we made sure he didn’t serve us.
We went home shortly after that and had an early night.

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