Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silence the Guns

Thursday 27th August 2009
Marisa and Kristian had their sports carnival today, Marisa is Sports Faction captain and very proud to be so, of course it did mean that she would have to take part in more events than anyone else, but that is one of the burdens of being captain and she loved it.
Carolyn managed to watch most of the carnival in the morning, before coming in to work for a short while, then headed back for the afternoon events.
While Marisa was giving it her all as sports captain with minimal success, Kristian was lining up to take part in the sprint, only to be rooted to the spot when the noise generated by the starting pistol terrified him so much that he didn’t move until most of the other competitors were halfway down the track.
At this moment in time, we are not predicting a career in the armed forces for Kristian, at least not unless the promise to fit silencers to all the guns and anything else that might become noisy.

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