Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are We Getting A Cow

Wednesday 26th August 2009
Yet another quiet day at the café today, at this rate it is likely to be the quietest week of the year so far which is a bit disappointing as we have been holding our own all through winter.
Carolyn had to pick up some straw for the bunnies this afternoon, she went to the usual supplier but they had run out, so she went to another supplier but had to buy a complete bale.
When she picked the kids up from school, Marisa who is always on the lookout for the opportunity to get a new, different pet, took one look at the bale of straw in the back of the car and squealed “are we getting a cow”, Carolyn nearly died laughing.


Jennifer said...

Don't have a cow?...! *grin*

The Cloughs said...

mine want quail at the moment. The eggs would fit nicely in their lunch boxes they tell me!!

The HoJo's said...


we used to have a huge aviary at the back of one of the pubs in London. We also had a big dog.
One day we no longer had a quail.
We still had a big dog.
The dog was happy.
The end


Vic said...

Go on, do it! You'd never have to mow the lawn again. That said, you'd never want to venture out in the garden again in case you trod in somethign nasty!

Ganeida said...

Raise bunnies for the pot? Like the French. Snails & frogs are free & they don't eat much.