Thursday, August 27, 2009

A VIP Invitation

Thursday 13th August 2009
The two newest baby bunnies managed to either walk out or get kicked out of their beds this morning, Carolyn found one of them in the downstairs part of the hutch and the other one out on the path after it must have fallen through a gap in the bars.
The baby that was on the floor was stone cold when Carolyn picked it up and she thought that it was dead, but after holding it in her hands for a while it started to come back to life, she spent the rest of the morning wandering around with it wrapped up next to her to keep it warm and it survived, although we don’t know if they were kicked out of bed or crawled out of their own accord.
As a VIP customer of the Good Guys, we were sent an invitation to attend a special open evening for VIP’s only offering us the chance to save a fortune on stuff they couldn’t get rid of, so we went there tonight just out of nosiness.
The invite didn’t actually say that we could save a fortune on stuff they couldn’t get rid of, but that’s what they meant, the only stuff with a decent discount was the end of line stuff, everything else we would be able to get cheaper on a normal day, but there were a lot of people spending money so the ploy must have worked.
After we left the Good Guys Ian and the boys went home while Carolyn took Marisa to school for a sex education lesson.
Now the one person you don’t want to be anywhere near when in a situation that could possibly become embarrassing is Marisa, if ever there was a person able to put you on the spot by asking the most embarrassing questions on the planet at precisely the wrong time, it’s Marisa, she just has this natural inbuilt ability and once she knows she has made you embarrassed she is like a Dog with a bone and will not leave it alone until she has got every last gory detail out of you, that’s why Ian was glad Carolyn went with her.
Needless to say, after the lesson Marisa bombarded Carolyn with questions, the one thing Carolyn will not do is lie about such things so answered her as honestly as she could, Marisa was in stitches by the time she had finished and couldn’t wait to tell her dad all about it.
Because Marisa hangs around with older boys from Scouts she has heard lots of things that we would rather she hadn’t and this class proved to her that most of them didn’t have a clue about what they were talking about, something that we have been trying to drum into her for a while now, still now that she is loaded with all the relevant information she will rip the boys apart next time they start getting talking about such things.

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