Saturday, August 1, 2009

Troop Day Out

Tuesday 14th July 2009
Fraser and Marisa went out on a Scout troop day out today, it was an event organised by one of the other Scouts who had to organise an event as part of his efforts to get a badge.
They went to the Maze at Yallingup, where after playing in there for a while they had a picnic before heading off to Ngilgi Cave.
The trip to Ngilgi cave was not the one we went on a little while ago, this one involved them being led down some of the dried up river beds underground by torchlight on their hands and knees in places, they had a great time.
In the afternoon Carolyn took Kristian to the Dentist, he was almost as brave as last time but he did have trouble keeping his mouth open, something he never has trouble with normally, he did get the fillings he needed though, so that will hopefully cure his toothache that he gets from time to time.

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Ganeida said...

Scouts [& guides} is great for sending kids places they will get indescribably grubby doing something they'd normally turn their noses up at. I hope you have dry windy weather for washing all the clothes they brought home! ☺