Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mad Max

Wednesday 15th July 2009
It was a busy day at the Café today and Carolyn had to come in to help out for a couple of hours, perhaps all the tourists haven’t gone home after all.
In the evening after the kids had gone to bed, we watched Mel Gibson in Mad Max, it’s a good film but we think we have probably watched it once too often.
The Chinese that we had with it was quite good though, Carolyn is slowly educating the Chinese Restaurants round here and there are now two that know how to cook Egg Fried Rice, in Australia they have never heard of it and insist on putting meat or vegetables and sometimes both in it, it is hard for them to grasp the concept of cooking Fried Rice without the Meat or Veg but still leaving in the Egg, it’s been hard but they’re getting there. If only we could drum up some seaweed too, all would be well. It’s not as though there isn’t a surplus of seaweed laying around on the beaches.

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