Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Recent Pictures

So, last Summer, just before Christmas we go 2 rabbits called Bubble and Squeak for sentimental reasons. We kept them in a hutch together and tried not to let them die from the heat out here. Fairly soon Squeak got a bit fat and lumpy and sure enough we had 8 babies, gorgeous and great fun. We kept 3. One boy and 2 girls and left the girls and boy in together for a while and poor daddy bunny was on his own. We kept meaning to put Blackie in with Bubble to keep him company but the fights were cruel and Daddy kept getting beaten up by son so we left them apart. So yes, son was in with mum and the girls..... so we now have 4 more baby bunnies. Yes the Mother is his Mother, yes Missy was disgusted when she found out.

Squeak, Big Mamma

New Babies

Just starting to look like bunnies rather than naked rats

Blackie, the new Dad

Bubble, the original Dad

Squeak in with the babies

Chipper and Bluey in the Summer Palace

Chipper and Bluey again


Vic said...

Sounds like you need to invest in some new hutches - and start keeping the boys away from the girls!

The HoJo's said...

but they are such fun :oD