Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last Minute Wash

Wednesday 22nd July 2009
Today was all about getting the kids and their things ready for school tomorrow, fortunately Carolyn found Kristians school uniform that should have been washed two weeks ago before she did the last wash of the day.
The worst part being that Kristian wouldn’t have noticed that his pants and socks were a bit crusty round the edges, his other clothes hadn’t been ironed and his mum had steam coming out of her ears, bless’im.

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Ganeida said...

Liddy does this with her work stuff & then goes ape if nothing is washed when she needs it. If I can't find it I can't wash it, *shrugs*

I've been reading ~honestly ~ but sometimes I'm just not sure what to say without writing a whole book. lol. HP for example. Liddy's still complaining about how it diverges from the book.

And have you worked out how you got those extra bunnies yet? :P

Enjoyed the pics. Things should come good as the weather warms up before wilting in the summer heat. ☺