Friday, August 21, 2009


My fridge looks like this.

Lots of magnets from places we have visited or rubbish freebies from estate agents or kind gifts from friendly folk who like us.

This one fell off the door a while ago and the magnet part vanished.

Having swept the floor and miraculously found the lost magnet I went in search of glue.

Having found the glue I proceeded to glue the magnet back on the back of the pretty starfish (from the Aquariam in Weston-Super-Mare if you care).

Having waited some time for the glue to dry I restuck it on the door.
It fell off, it was almost as if the magnetism had vanished.
Almost as if someone had stuck the magnet on backwards without realising.

Here is my pretty new paperweight!

It goes quite nicely with this magnet from the Weston-Super-Mare Aquarium, if only it had a friend to go with..... sigh


The HoJo's said...

Ewwww if you click on the pic to enbiggen you can see what my carpet looks like 2 days after a good Hoover!


The HoJo's said...

Oh the shame someone *did* enbiggen both photos.... off to hoover the floor! (again)



The Cloughs said...

Mine looks like that about 10 mins after a good hoover when the kids are around. And do I look bothered?????

We've been trying to choose new carpet. It didn't work......

Ganeida said...

And this is why we don't have carpet...not that the wooden floors look any better...crawls away in shame....