Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Even More Baby Bunnies

Sunday 9th August 2009
We moved the rabbits around today, the two girl bunnies who had been living in the large rabbit run while mummy bunny looks after her new babies started making funny noises, similar to those of their mother when she was about to give birth.
We had just swapped them over into daddy bunny’s hutch and were ready to go out, when Marisa noticed that there were two baby bunnies in the girls new hutch, we don’t know which one is mummy though.
The kids were invited to Marisas friend who is a boys house for the day, they had a great time and were treated to McDonalds if you could call that a treat.
We went to the market, had a sausage sizzle and very nearly bought a Blue Heeler (Aussie Dog), but resisted temptation.
After the market we went down to the foreshore for a coffee before going home to swap the boys beds over, Fraser is too big for his one and Kristian is big enough to want Frasers bed, so they agreed to swap.
In the evening we watched the film Bad Boys with Will Smith and someone Lawrence whose name we can’t remember, it was quite good fun to watch while tucking into a plate of Chinese.


The Cloughs said...

So what's the final count now or are there more still arriving - Fraser should be making a mint on these if he finds places to sell them!!

The HoJo's said...

2 originals had 8 babies

sold 5, kept 3

so we had 5.

Mummy had 4 babies

old babies had 2 babies

so now we have 11

of which one daddy will be given away and 6 babies sold which will leave us with


for a while


and we have decided against chooks for now!


The Cloughs said...

Good idea to get rid of the daddy/brother!!?? How do you persuade the kids to part with them? I know what would happen here if we ended up with babies.... Mind you that won't happen as we haven't got a cockerel!!

The HoJo's said...

We had a few tears from Missy the first time, but we have plenty to keep them happy and the promise of more babies later..... :o) Fraser is just happy to get the money!
Kristian prefers the cat.

Vic said...

Have you not thought of getting these bunnies neutered? Surely feeding them all must be bankrupting you by now.

Jennifer said...

Not breeding like rabbits are they? ;)

The HoJo's said...

Vic: A huge sack of feed is around $20 and lasts well over a month. All the veggies are free, so v cheap pets apart from buying the cage. If we had them done we wouldn't get any cute babies and they are adorable :o)

Jennifer: D'ya think thats what it is ;o)