Monday, August 10, 2009


Tuesday 28th July 2009
It was a busy day at the Café today, it was bound to be really because one of the staff announced that she felt sick just before lunchtime and went home.
On the bright side, with just Aden, Fliss and ourselves we managed to keep on top of it and nobody had to wait too long to get served.
It’s just as well that we didn’t throw out the old crockery when we got the new stuff, we used virtually every piece of crockery in the building, it took Ian and Fliss over two hours to get the place tidied up after lunchtime.

Marisa and Kristian had a couple of friends over to play this afternoon after school.

There was no scout meeting tonight, presumably the Scout leaders had enough of them over the weekend and need a rest, our kids are still knackered from the experience.
After the kids went to bed we indulged in some fish and chips, the fish was something called Cobbler and came from Mandurah apparently.
The woman cooking it had never tried it but had been told it was good so we tried it, it wasn’t the best we had eaten but then we should have realised that would be the case when we ordered two portions, after all from then on it was going to be cobblers.
We ate it while eating an episode of Shameless, which was as hilarious as normal, then had an early night.

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