Monday, August 10, 2009


No not that HP *edited to include a condiment I had previously excluded from my 'not' list*nor this one, the HP printer kind. I have just run out of ink, no poblemo says Mrs Hojo, I shall pop to the shop and purchase one, oh no says Mr Shopkeeper, you have an English Printer you must buy your Ink in England. But, but, that is less than convenient says Mrs Hojo. Tough says Mr Shopkeeper, I care not a jot. I will however refill your fine English Ink cartridge for you by tomorrow, or the next day.....tomorrow or the next day???? says Mrs Hojo, go overnight without ink, are you insane????

I need a red cross parcel from England.

The End

A True Story by Disgruntled of Busso


Anonymous said...


You'll have to (shock) write everything down by hand!!!!

The Cloughs said...

And there was me thinking you meant the HP as in sauce!!!

The HoJo's said...

gasp...... faints.......
*weak sound of nonononononononono echoes around the house*

must.have.printer. Thud.

Sorry Cloughs, have now included that permutation as well :o)

Vic said...

Are the libraries there advanced enough to do printing or is that another thing along with Sunday trading they've not gotten around to?

Ganeida said...

Oh well, I though Mr Potter had upset you. Here the ants get into the printer & eat all the ink. It's getting expensive, that.

The HoJo's said...

Hi Vic, yes I could go get things printed but I print receipts off the internet etc which are immediate only, and i need them otherwise my paperwork would be even worse!

Ganeida, fortunately the ants haven't discovered my prpecious printer, or the re would be trouble at t'mill!