Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apocalypse Now

Monday 17th August 2009
Aden was off work with a cold today, so needless to say we were busy, in fact it’s amazing how when we are short staffed and busy, we always manage to cope very well.
We reckon that in times of adversity, everyone goes onto autopilot and gets on with whatever needs doing and worries about it afterwards, if it wasn’t for the stress involved we’d be tempted to run short staffed permanently.
Kristian was going to go to Cubs tonight but he would have been the only one there, so they cancelled it which pleased him no end, because he got the chance to play his new computer games instead.
After the kids had gone to bed we watched the Francis Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now, Ian remembers all the hype at the time it went to the cinema many years ago and thought it would be a good idea to see it and find out what all the hype was about all those years ago.
It was different, Ian thought it was ok but Carolyn, who would have rather watched Whoops Apocalypse slept through most of it, it was however, way too long and we ended up going to bed later than normal which no doubt we will feel tomorrow.


Ganeida said...

All the hype & I think Apocolypse Now is dull beyond belief! Incredibly boring movie. But hey, I liked Babette's Feast soooo....

Jennifer said...

What's more amazing is how often you seem to end up short staffed!

Was in your old gaff yesterday (Showcase) and thought you'd like to know that the cats are doing fine :)