Friday, August 28, 2009

Ancient River Bed

Sunday 16th August 2009
We had to be up early this morning to get ready for Kristians birthday outing, plus of course he had to open all his presents before we could do anything.
Carolyn was picking up a couple of Kristians friends just before 9am, so Ian went to the market on his own to get the fruit, none of the kids would go with him while there were a load of new toys lying around that needed to be played with.
After Ian got back and Carolyn had picked Kristians mates, we drove to Ngilgi cave where we went on a guided tour down to the ancient river beds that would have been flowing about 10,000 years ago.
The tour took us off the beaten track, we had to wear hard hats with lights attached, we clambered over rocks, squeezed through gaps and when we got to the Ancient River bed we had to crawl on hands and knees to get to the end, we all enjoyed it and Kristians mates announced that it was the best birthday party they had ever been to which was nice.
It was a really good tour and one that we would recommend for adventurous but well behaved kids, fortunately ours and those that came with us fit into both of those categories.
After we came out of the cave, the kids had an Ice Cream while we had a coffee and rested our weary bones.
From Ngilgi we went to Yallingup Maze, where we sent the kids into the maze while we played with puzzles in the café while drinking coffee.
The café at Yallingup maze has got loads of infuriating puzzles on the tables and as much as you might try to ignore them, it doesn’t take long before you stop talking to each other and start cursing the puzzle, but people keep coming back for more so it must work.
From the Maze we drove to Cheffy’s in Yallingup for lunch, fortunately they weren’t over busy, we got a table straight away and we had a good meal before heading home for Birthday Cake.
After cake the kids played while Ian watched Arsenal stuff Everton 6-1 on telly, at 5pm Carolyn took one of Kristians friends home and the other ones parents came to pick him up.
We did very little this evening, just about enough to make sure we all had something to wear tomorrow and then vegged out in front of the telly.

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