Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reach For The Sky

Sunday 12th July 2009
We didn’t do a great deal today, we had a lie in which was good before going up to Bunbury, just for something to do you understand, it’s good to go there from time to time, just to remind yourself why we didn’t move there.
We had a wander round the shops while we were there, the City has only allowed Sunday opening in the town since the beginning of the year and we had not been there on a Sunday since then, so it was with interest that we went to see how Sunday trading was doing.
The people of the South West of Australia are not going to embrace Sunday trading if they can avoid it, that is the impression we got based on the number of people out and about.
The big national stores where the opening hours are decided by the shareholders were all open, they were all empty but they were all open, the shareholders obviously don’t see the wage bill. We felt sorry for the stores so we bought the kids a Wii game out of solidarity.
Virtually all the small shops were closed, even most of the eating establishments were closed, our conclusion was that it’s going to take a few more years and maybe an influx of expats who are used to Sunday shopping before it takes off in this neck of the woods.

In the evening we all sat down together and watched Reach for the Sky, the story of Douglas Bader, the kids thought it was a great film, they seem to love these old war films.


Vic said...

Not sure what I'd do without Sunday trading now, although it is a bit of a bugger the husband having to work Sundays.

Ganeida said...

I love the story of Douglas Bader! So inspiring. It was one of my brother's favourite books [the one who was a pilot & died]. Haven't seen the movie but the book was great.

The HoJo's said...

We are quite happy without Sunday trading really :o) we spent years running the pub 365 days a year and have got to like having one day off a week (plus bank holidays which are also a novelty) at first we found the early closing hard, UK supermarkets are often all night openers and at least till 10 pm, here they are not! which is fine now we work in town but was hard to get used to when we were out all day looking at businesses and wouldn't be able to find a shop open when we returned!

It really was a lovely film, proper doss with the kids time