Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Lieu of a Real Post

We have been asked where we are, why are we not blogging, well firstly, thanks for asking, Dad, it is nice to be missed. We have been busy working so here is a taster for you

Kristian became a Cub Scout.

We go for a walk out near Cape Nat Lighthouse, it was cold.

Fraser got a great end of term report and brought home this. They all got great reports actually but they didn't all make one of these!

Kristian graduates to a larger bike at last. Now he can really keep up.

Marisa makes the 'headlines' in the local paper and on the school website.


Ganeida said...

Well I knew you were busy working 'cause I caught your comment over at Dishpan Dribble. We all have seasons when life is too busy for blogging. Nice to know fun things are still happening along with all the work.

grandadhojo said...

Well done Fraser, Missy and Kristian. And well done all for going out in the cold and wet.